Do you need help accessing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)?

Medical assistance in dying (MAID, for short) has been legal in Canada since 2016. (It is also known as physician-assisted death, physician-assisted suicide, and voluntary euthanasia.) However, many people in Ontario face barriers when trying to access MAID, and are stuck trying to figure out what to do next.

How we can help

We are a group of physicians based in the Toronto area who as part of our regular practices are willing to assess patients for eligibility for MAID, and can provide MAID services for patients who are eligible. There is generally no charge to you to be assessed for MAID, or for you to be provided with MAID. These are both insured services for people who have OHIP or other provincial/federal health insurance. (Note that if you live outside of our geographical area and we have to travel to you, the extra travel time may be an uninsured service.)

To review the eligibility criteria for MAID, please click here. This will take you to the Government of Canada’s guide to MAID.

We strongly recommend that you approach a physician or nurse practitioner who is already involved in your care, such as your family doctor, before contacting us. According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, physicians in this province have a legal obligation to assess and provide MAID to eligible patients, or to make an effective referral to another provider.

If your physician or nurse practitioner does not feel comfortable assessing you for MAID, you can also be connected with a MAID provider by calling the Ministry of Health’s Care Coordination Service, at 1-866-286-4023. The care coordination service is available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm EST in English and French (translations for other languages can also be requested). TTY services are also available at 1- 844-953-3350. 

If you are looking for a physical space to have a MAID procedure done, and are unable to use your own home, please visit the MAIDHOUSE project.

At this time, with the establishment of the Care Coordination Service, our website will continue to operate in parallel, until it is clear that patients will be offered timely, effective access to MAID through a centralized referral service.